The Onset of the Apocalyptic Scenarios

by Iapethos

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released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Iapethos Helsinki, Finland

Black Metal from Finland

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Track Name: Disappearing of the Structures of Light
Trance-like waves through the dim consciousness
The whole visualized existence spinning inside the vortex of death

The psychical armour fragmenting
As the spirit blunders in the wilds of madness

The pathway towards the embrace of the horned one
Beyond the realms of insanity

Inside the world of mental chaos
Truth and false are combining

All the colours are the same
There is no old or new
Neither exists the future or the past
Track Name: The Dedication
As this forgotten wasteland smells of death
I feel the upcoming resurrection of the ancient deities

And as the firmament has turned to black
Ensemble of the mysterious weird creatures begun

The initial stroke from the winged shape
Form of an angel, face molten as of the leprous god
Sink the blade deep into ur flesh
Drops of blood for the new page of life

To dedication through the oath
World burning in chaos
Track Name: Defective World of Pariah
Thoughts drip from the stone they've been hidden in

Words too sagacious for this negligible peripheria
Just filthy beings wriggling in their own futility

Defective world of pariah that imbalances the universe
Drops of shadow cast through the ancient words
Track Name: At the Onset of the Apocalyptic Scenarios
Thus I said: come fire! and the fire came
Along with the deities and demons

burning the last shrouds of innocence
Dismantling the dream in the demonic particles

The cloak of mist surrounding begins to fall
Watching the violent flight of these destructive black spheres

The march of the apocalyptic scenarios
The army of the new millenium is rising

Behind these horns the gleam of the lost eden
Followed by the madness that drives the dissonance
Track Name: The Chanting One
End of this spiral labyrinth
As the wolf is eating his tail
Like the visions that have been foretold
Ascending are the new gates of Babylon

The one who chants from the unwritten book
Opens the seals for the hidden dimensions

Revealing the horrors of the forgotten worlds
Unleashing the teeth of the eternal one