Shrines of Chaos

by Iapethos

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1. Intro
2. Unleash the Gift of Prometheus
3. Shrines of Chaos Constructed of Hate
4. The Call of the Necropolis
5. Iapethos Xul
6. The Night of the Mind
7. Enter the World of Silhouettes


released September 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Iapethos Helsinki, Finland

Black Metal from Finland

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Track Name: Unleash the Gift of Prometheus

behold the legion of the upcoming era

the growing echo from the past

the everlasting memory of what once was

the first division of this rising tempest

come forth the the sons of chaos

hailing the forgotten deities on their ancient names

tear down their temples on our ancestors graves

spreading the plague of their masters lies

as a gift once we received the fire

unleash it's power to free us from chains
Track Name: Shrines of Chaos Constructed of Hate
endless black swarm of hideous birds

swallowed by the shimmering boiling firmament

obscure figures baptized in draining pus

molten hands bearing the rusty artifacts

as the absence of the sun launches the lust for witchcraft

makes the living flame one to desire of burning

salacious rituals horned nocturnal dancers in pain

veiled in the blood-stained worn colourless robes

arise the gigantic serpent of the filthy water

worm unbound by chaos itself the obliterator

never again we will see the dawn
Track Name: The Call of the Necropolis
from the unknown planes comes the chant irresistible

like thousand sirens song in a chaotic tune

what a macabre moment like the scene of an old theatre play

burning with a lust of belonging with them
and feeling the same (nothingness inside)

hear the orchestra at the entrance coming closer

ruptured curtain opening, revealing the shadowy musicians

these fires are not illuminating the surroundings
they burn just to mark the eternal path of Tuoni

passage into the eternal night

the call of the necropolis sounds clear

this is the essence of being
timeless harmony on the trail of demise
Track Name: Iapethos Xul
Riding the waves of timeless nothingness

on the unseen borders of existence

raising the immeasurable mountains on the unknown worlds

summoning the eternal spirits to the godless reigns

my sword is forged of wisdom

thus my enemies encounter impenetrable chaos

my sword is forged of the countless moons

thus comes my strike always from the shadows

raging black flames i bear within me

for i am the bringer of ageless decadence

i am the carrier of the incomprehensible torment

accompanied by the final era of chaos